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Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns you might have regarding hospice care and/or Ohio's Hospice of Miami County. You may do this online (click below) or by telephone 937.335.5191. Your inquiry or comments will be directed to the most appropriate hospice employee for a prompt response.

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    Concerns/Suggestions Your concerns and suggestions are always important to us and can be communicated to our clinical management by contacting: Ohio’s Hospice of Miami County 3230 North County Rd. 25A P.O. Box 502 Troy, OH 45373 Phone: 937.335.5191 If we fail to satisfy your questions or concerns, you can also contact the following sources: The Office of Quality and Patient Safety One Renaissance Boulevard Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181 E-mail: Fax: 630.792.5636

    Celebrate Life – Some Simple Reminders

    The mission of Ohio’s Hospice of Miami County is to provide superior care and services to each patient in our care, as well as to offer comfort to their families. In extending these services, we hope to always celebrate and honor the lives of those we serve at end of life. May each day be one where we Celebrate Life!

    It is easy to define our days by the worries, fears and problems that can consume our time and energy. Instead, we encourage everyone to make this day a focus on the joy and beauty we experience but often overlook. By Celebrating Life today, we can take the first step in a commitment to concentrate more everyday on the goodness, the grace and the gratifying opportunities we have that make life worth living. Celebrate Life today – and everyday.

    Here are a few ideas for ways to make this day special.
    Learn something new
    -Start a new book
    -Learn to cook or bake a new dish
    -Sign up for a free class
    -Try yoga, tai chi or meditation
    -Start a journal or blog

    -Play a game from your childhood
    -Look at old photographs
    -Reminisce with an old friend
    -Enjoy music from your youth

    -Ride a bike
    -Play Frisbee

    Express Appreciation
    -Thank someone
    -Send a friend a note or give them a gift
    -List your blessings
    -Make a donation of time or money to a worthwhile charity

    Touch Nature
    -Look into the face of a baby or older person
    -Pet a dog or cat
    -Go out for a walk in the rain or snow
    -Go to an arboretum or a botanical garden
    -Hunt for bird nests
    -Look at the stars
    -Plant a flower
    -Watch the sunset
    -Watch the sunrise

    Connect or Reconnect
    -Send a letter or email to your favorite teacher or mentor
    -Make a call, send an email or video chat with an old friend
    -Introduce yourself to someone you’d like to get to know